You make a difference in Jewish lives.

Why do you give? With Federation, you know your gift is used wherever it’s needed most. You may be helping a Holocaust survivor to live with dignity. You may be assisting someone in our own town — someone you don’t even know — to get a job so they can take care of their family. Maybe you’re helping kids in Eastern Europe reclaim their heritage. The important thing is, you are doing something vital to help every single day.


You give strength to people in need.

Why Federation? Maybe your family arrived here from Soviet Russia when you were 15 — with nothing. Federation gave you clothing. A roof over your heads. Whatever you needed to make a fresh start. You knew then, that you wanted to give back — so Federation could keep helping other people like they’d helped you.

You open doors to learning.

What’s most important to you? Besides your family.... Judaism and Jewish learning — for any child, any family who wants it. Jewish education encompasses our values, culture and heritage. Without this knowledge, we can’t build a future. PJ Library is supported by you.


You build pathways from our history to our future.

How do you picture the Jewish future? Varied. Vibrant. Maybe reinvented in some ways. But as long as Federation keeps working worldwide — engaging kids, teens and younger adults — Judaism has a good chance of becoming stronger than it is today.