Federation helps rebuild and revive Jewish life

Fewer Jews say they are attached to Judaism and Israel. Yet 97% of American Jews state that they are “proud to be Jewish.” Our critical challenge is to transform Jewish pride into true participation in Jewish life. And we are already on our way. At home, Federation subsidizes costs so children and teens can connect with their Jewishness at school and summer camp. Birthright trips transform young adults’ relationship to Israel. Around the world, in places where the Holocaust and Communism almost wiped out Jewish life, we’re nurturing the efforts of a core of inspiring young people who are reinventing Judaism.

It's always something... and that's why there is Federation

Around the world, violent attacks target Jewish people and institutions. Our own JCC has been the target of receiving telephoned bomb threats. Security is posted at synagogues and at day schools; in places around the world such as France and Venezuela, five-year-old children walk past armed guards to get to the playground. Jewish students arriving at college encounter toxic anti-Israel slogans. Federation is helping to restore a sense of security, sharing expertise and funding to keep children safe. We are standing up against hatred so that Jews everywhere can walk without fear, into a synagogue, a Jewish museum—or simply down the street.


Federation removes obstacles

People just like us, our children, our parents and grandparents desperately need our help now. People like fragile Holocaust survivors who can’t handle basic daily tasks and families reeling from job loss; fellow Jews who can’t attend a Shabbat service because climbing even a few steps to temple is an impossible feat. 


Federation removes obstacles and we bridge gaps. We arrange for a hot meal to be delivered to a homebound elderly person and for emergency loans to help feed a struggling family. We can get a bus to bring a child to camp and make ways for a disabled person to experience Jewish life.