13 2020

10 AM Coffee Break & Culture featuring Haley Brown

10:00AM - 10:30AM  


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We may not have access to our newly opened Hoos Family Art Gallery, but that won't stop us from connecting together over culture in our own backyard! Pour your cup of coffee and connect with local artists from the comfort of your own home. Send your questions in advance or ask live during the 30 minute sessions. Register in advance and we'll see you soon!

Discussion Details:

Haley will present on why it’s so important for women and minority makers to take up space. In a world where everything is digital, why is it so important to have something tangible? Why is it so important for women to create tangible things? Why is having a craft important? What would we be without our craft? Join us as Haley uses her art to reflect on these very questions.

Artist Bio:

Emperor Ho-Ti of China’s Han Dynasty created the worlds first piece of modern paper in 105 AD. A turning point for the world, chopped tree bark and rags pulped together created history’s first 8.5 x 11. The industry quickly spread throughout Asia, reaching into the kingdoms of the Middle East and Northern Africa. The Crusades brought paper into Europe around the 1200s, replacing Rome’s stoic stone tablets and the famous French Monk’s illuminated vellum. But what to put on the worlds first blank canvas? While many chose to continue scribing away at religious scripts, others chose to spread their words with news papers, books, and meticulously kept records. In 1453, Gutenberg graced us with a printing press, revolutionizing the spread and reach paper had around the world. This bulky, first of it’s kind machine allowed further mobility and choice for any artisan. In the years following May of 1997, I chose to put dancing ladies on my paper. I chose to fill my sketch books with colors, with flowers, with scenes of my favorite places, and with the hues of my imagination. I hope you enjoy what I’ve chosen to put on paper.

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