Coronavirus Crisis Center

We are living in unfathomable and unprecedented times but we are here for you. At times of calm and times of crisis, the Jewish Federation, Foundation, and JCC of Greater New Haven work as one to address the needs in our community. Please open up your hearts, lend a helping hand, and give generously. Remember "Kol Israel Arevim Zeh La'Zeh" (all Jews, all people, are responsible for one another)     


100% of your donation will go support the most vulnerable in our community.


Safe volunteering opportunities available for teens and adults.

Apply for Grant

The COVID-19/Maimonides Community Response Fund already paid $186,000 in emergency grants

Get Help

Call our Hotline (475) 800-8010 or click for help with grocery shopping, technology, and other needs.


The rising needs in our community


Mental health in COVID-19

JFS Hanna Leiterman on the emotional stress and depression that spike with isolation and uncertainty

Fighting isolation

JFS Rachel Scholnic Dobin about helping the most vulnerable feel connected and supported/

Having enough to eat

JFS Liz Devenport on assisting families receive food stamps as they are restricted from working.

Protecting our seniors

Gus Longo on protecting Towers residents by providing nutritious meals to every senior.

The most vulnerable

Brian Dor about the impact of COVID-19 on JCARR refugees, who are experiencing trauma upon trauma.

Providing vital help

JFS Amy Rashba on the rising need of food emergency funds and mental health services in COVID-19 era

From our leadership



How we help



We are actively making outreach calls to the 10,000 members of our community, to check on your well-being and match you with the help you need. We also opened a Hotline (475) 800-8010. Please call us if you need help or if you are worried about a loved one. We have also received calls to this Hotline from people offering to volunteer or to donations.

Financial Support

The Jewish Federation and the Jewish Foundation have established the COVID-19 Response / Maimonides Fund. Jointly we have seeded that fund with $108,000 and $134,600 already went out to agencies, including Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven and The Towers at Tower Lane so they can provide immediate support to those most vulnerable in our community. 100% of donations made to this fund are used towards the cause.

Greater New Haven

The response that we received form our staff and volunteers has been heartwarming. Together, we are making outreach phone calls to members of our community; providing tech support to older adults who are struggling with Face-time and with Zoom so that they can stay connected; running errands to help with medicine and food, and most importantly, we are listening.


Together with our sister communities in the Southern New England Consortium (SNEC), we have contributed $100,000 to the people of our sister city Afula-Gilboa. These funds will help Emek Hospital to purchase some urgently-needed equipment, help feed the elderly, provide for sanitary equipment for the Arab villages in the Gilboa, and support the efforts of the Haifa Rape Crisis Center as some women find themselves home-bound with their rapist.

Visit Johns Hopkins COVID-19 global case map

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