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JFNA Urges Caution and Congressional Review of Any Iran Deal

April 2, 2015

The Administration has repeatedly reaffirmed that "it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon." Even during the current negotiations, the White House has often said, "a bad deal is worse than no deal." 

We appreciate the good faith efforts made by the Administrati…

Anti-Semitism in Europe

Harassment of Jews throughout the world is at its highest levels in seven years. In Europe, news reports from the last two months describe a significantly deteriorating situation. Fatal attacks in France and Denmark, as well as vandalism against synagogues and other Jewish facilities through…

Update on Ukraine

March 24, 2015

Dear Friends,

Nearly a year has passed since pro-Russian separatists began battling Ukrainian forces in the eastern party of the country, and once again Jews are in danger. There are 5.2 million people living in conflict-affected areas and more than one million have fled the…

The 2015 Israeli Elections: What Just Happened?

March 18, 2015


The world’s attention was riveted on the hotly-contested mid-March elections in Israel. Learn how the results will impact Israel and the world on a JFNA-hosted teleconference with The Jerusalem Post’s political correspondent, Gil Hoffman.


Federation of Greater Hartford Names Howard Sovronsky New President/CEO

March 2015



Since January 1, 2015, Howard Sovronsky has served as president & CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford. In this role, Sovronsky oversees the strategic initiatives and day-to-day operation of the Federation’s six main divisions, and Federation’s collaborati…