Our Global Work

U.S. diplomats pressed European lawmakers to oppose Israel boycott

A new report details actions by diplomats to combat BDS worldwide. Read more.

SCN webinar focuses on High Holy Days safety, security

Federations’ Secure Community Network (SCN) takes the lead in offering safety and security information to Jewish communities in advance of the High Holidays in an upcoming online training session; register now​.

A dark cloud hovers over religious freedom in Europe (op-ed)

The head of Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel reaffirms its commitment to helping European Jews maintain their religious freedom. Read more.

Health care group linked to Boston’s Jewish community gets $53M grant

A health care organization with historic ties to the city’s Jewish community and an Ivy League university have been awarded a $53.4 million grant by the National Institute on Aging, one of the largest federal awards ever to study dementia. Read more.

EXCLUSIVE: DHS intensifies efforts to prevent mass attacks and fear

Ensuring a sense of security and overall preparedness is a priority for Federations' Security Community Network (SCN) in the weeks before the High Holidays. Register for a live briefing on Monday, September 16, to learn safety and security information for the holidays. Read more.