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Jewish activists in MPLS shift to responding to George Floyd protests

Jewish Community Action, the leading Jewish social justice organization in Minneapolis, was supposed to be closed last Friday for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. Instead, its staff started organizing individually as protests broke out all over the city in response to the killing of George Flo…

Synagogues in L.A. can reopen, but many rabbis are holding off

When Young Israel of Century City reopens, it will hold satellite services in backyards following social distancing protocols. Fewer people will be in close contact with the Torah. There will be limited singing and no sermons. Even though the synagogue, which has about 500 families, now has …

Jews grapple with privilege, fear and power amid calls to ‘defund’ police

The Secure Community Network is featured in an article about how black Jews and white Jews are navigating the current situation. Read more.

A ‘super fund’ aims to keep Jewish nonprofit world from sinking

COVID-19 has ravaged organizations large and small. How three foundation execs launched an unprecedented effort to save them and possibly reshape Jewish life. JFNA has been a key partner of the funders’ group in this endeavor. Read more.

Burial society for New York's Jewish poor faces a backlog of bodies

Like all relatives and friends who come to Mount Richmond Cemetery in Staten Island during the coronavirus pandemic for the burial of a loved one or friend, Michael Tokar was asked to wait. He sat in his car until his father’s body could be brought to the site by four workers and then plac…