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Located in the heart of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan was conquered by Genghis Kahn and ruled by the Mongolian Empire before becoming part of the Soviet Union. Today, this Islamic country is home to beautiful mosques, exotic architecture, and a historic carpet-making industry. Uzbekistan…

Kosher Food Offerings for the Holidays

by Talya Hyman, Shalom New Haven Intern

Just as spiritual preparation is needed as we approach the High Holy Days, holiday meal preparation simultaneously remains an important feature of our religious traditions. Jewish people are known to be major foodies (our friends and neighbors still c…

Community Rabbis Reflect on Yom Kippur

by Talya Hyman

SNH Intern


Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar, is commonly referred to as a day of repentance where Jewish people spend the day fasting and praying, yet this reference only scratches the surface of this sacred day. Rabbis throughout our Greater New Haven…

Sukkah-Building Tips from Friends

by Talya Hyman

Shalom New Haven Intern


Year after year, many Greater New Haven community members construct their own impressive and noteworthy sukkahs. Our fellow sukkah-builders have allowed us insight into their creation process through the sharing of tips, tricks, and personal famil…