High Holiday Services

Click on any of the synagogues and congregations on this interactive map to discover High Holiday Services near you. Email Nurit Kohl at nkohl@jewishnewhaven.org for submissions.

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  • Kosher Food Offerings for the Holidays

    Our foodie tendencies are heightened during the autumn months when Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot demand the
    preparation of consecutive, extravagant festive meals. Where do the many kashrut- (Jewish dietary law) observing households throughout our Greater New Haven community do their extensive holiday grocery shopping?

  • PJ Library: The Origins of Philanthropy

    As we enter the High Holidays, there are many forms of mitzvot, or tzedakah, that families can participate in. Prior to inviting your larger family or friends to a holiday, birthday or Hanukkah meal or party, identify a cause and ask your guests to bring something to donate in honor of the occasion.

  • Sukkah-Building Tips from Friends

    As it often rains during Sukkot, Dena advises going for waterproof decorations. “We made decorative chains out of craft foam that have held up,” she said. Dena also listed “a large poster of the Sukkot [blessing of] kiddush, decorations featuring the Seven Species of Israel, and an assortment of decorativ...

  • Community Rabbis Reflect on Yom Kippur

    Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar, is commonly referred to as a day of repentance where Jewish people spend the day fasting and praying, yet this reference only scratches the surface of this sacred day. Rabbis throughout our Greater New Haven community shared their personal perspectives and