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Jewish Agency Launches Website Promoting Jewish Diversity in Israel

Recent polls show Israelis want change. We’re committed to helping them advance religious freedom in the Jewish State. Like through the Federation-funded Jewish Agency, which allocates $2.7M every year to support Reform, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox programs that reach 800K. Learn more.

JDC Notes Rise in Jewish Volunteering in Europe and the FSU

Federation partner JDC notes a significant rise in Jewish volunteering in Europe and the former Soviet Union; learn more about JDC’s, the Jewish Agency, and World ORT’s  work training Jewish leaders and building bridges between Jewish communities the world over at the Global Bridge Buil…

Federations Join #Togetheratthetable To Build Unity This Shabbat

This Friday, come #Togetheratthetable. After events in Charlottesville, join OneTable and Repair the World to strengthen civil discourse and build unity. Learn how you can host or find a dinner.​ Learn how you can host or find a dinner.