• Missy Robbins Wins James Beard Award for Best Chef in NYC

    You’ll have to forgive Carol and David Robbins, of Guilford, for kvelling a bit about their daughter lately. Missy Robbins, 47, who grew up in North Haven, recently received the coveted James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef in NYC for her Italian restaurant, Lilia, in Brooklyn. The award is considered the food industry’s highest honor. Time magazine calls it “the Oscars of the food w...

  • CT Becomes 10th State to Pass Holocaust Education Bill

    In May, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Senate Bill 452, which adds Holocaust and genocide education and awareness to the required courses of study for public schools. The bill also requires all local and regional boards of education to include this topic in their social studies curriculum beginning in the 2018-19 school year.

  • Welcome Ziv & Noa

    Please welcome our newest Young Emissaries from Israel, Noa Saitowitz and Ziv Peleg, who will arrive here on Aug. 29. They are Israeli high school graduates who choose to defer their army service to serve as young ambassadors for Israel. The program’s mission is to strengthen ties, in both the Jewish and secular communities, between the two regions through people-to-people connections.

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Jewish Education


  • PJ Library Shabbat on the Beach

    In our ever-evolving, tech-driven, multitasking lives, the Jewish Shabbat offers us moments and rituals to help us live more in the moment. The transition of elevating the mundane to the sacred allows us to infuse our lives with practices that are universal tools for being human.

  • Students Reflect on March of the Living Trip

    In April, members of our local Jewish Teen Education (JTE) group participated in the March of the Living, where they journeyed to Poland to explore the remnants of the Holocaust, visit concentration camp sites and then traveled to Israel for Israeli Independence Day. Here, two students discuss what they learned and how this trip changed them.

  • JHSC Seniors Look Toward the Future

    Three Jewish High School of Connecticut students, Natalie Shclover, Samuel Terr, and Matt Zweibel, all of Stamford, will be attending UConn. Senior Class President Natalie Shclover has been accepted into the school’s Honors Program.

  • Troop 41 Performs Mitzvah

    For the first time, Troop 41 held its Merit Badge Boot Camp at the JCC in March. Also in March, four scouts from Troop 41 continued the troop’s long history of community service by assisting Project H.O.P.E. (Help Our People Everywhere) in preparing over 250 Passover Seder bags for the needy throughout Connecticut. Upcoming Troop 41 activities include Sam Martin’s Eagle Project and ConnJam in Orange, May 11-13.





  • Mazel tov, Israel!

    This year’s annual Celebrate Israel Parade, held on June 3, was by all accounts the largest and most spirited ever seen in New York City. And it’s no wonder: The theme of the parade was the 70th birthday of the Jewish state!

  • CT Becomes 10th State to Pass Holocaust Education Bill

    In May, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Senate Bill 452, which adds Holocaust and genocide education and awareness to the required courses of study for public schools. The bill also requires all local and regional boards of education to include this topic in their social studies curriculum beginning in the 2018-19 school year.

  • Funds for the Victims of Terror

    Terrorism in Israel can occur at any time, but in some locations is a daily threat. Victims live with loss of dear ones, severe injuries, emotional trauma, and property damage. While Israel’s National Insurance Institute provides significant services to victims, these services often don’t fully meet each victim’s needs.

  • Update on the Current Situation on the Gaza Border

    Our Israel office has prepared this short update on the phenomenon of “kite arson” from Gaza. This new tactic emerged two months ago, and is becoming an increasingly serious problem for Israel, even as responses to the problem are evolving.

  • Jewish High School of Southern Connecticut Remembers Parkland

    The walkout, included a recitation of the students’ names. JHSC Junior, Celia Rosen, noted, “as I stood outside my school on March 14, I was not just protesting a country that continues to tune out the pleas of its people to reform, the cries of families who have lost loved ones far too soon; I was there standing with a Jewish community mourning the loss of their own.”



Philanthropy & Leadership


  • Charitable Giving Opportunity Available for Those 70 ½ and Older

    The IRA Charitable Rollover creates an opportunity for donors to establish an endowment or make an outright charitable gift to a charitable organization. Your rollover can be directed for a capital campaign gift, current needs, or restricted for endowment purposes. Your gift can be earmarked for your synagogue, a local Jewish agency, Jewish education, or any program or organization that is important to you.

  • JCL Honoring Volunteer Reading Partners

    The Jewish Coalition for Literacy (JCL) will honor its volunteer reading partners on Wednesday, May 16, at 9:30 a.m., in the JCC’s auditorium in Woodbridge. The event is free and open to the community. Refreshments will be donated by Abel Caterers.

  • Building Memories

    Our building means so much to so many. Here, our community
    leaders share what this building represents to them. They all
    believe that this building needs to be maintained, improved and
    cherished for generations to come. Become part of this effort.
    Building community. Building strength. Building momentum and
    building a future. Your gift to the Building Campaign will do all of
    these things.

  • Utopia Program IS Tikkun Olam

    Jewish Community Alliance for Refugee Resettlement (JCARR) Coordinator Jean Silk recently visited Colombia to participate in La Salle University’s Utopia program, a “peace laboratory” that offers educational and productive opportunities for young people from Colombia’s rural areas, with limited economic resources, and who have been affected by violence.

  • Sklars Created Family Fund with Jewish Foundation

    It comes as no surprise to learn that the Sklars’ connections to community, giving back and Jewish values have deep roots. “Philanthropy has always been important to us,” he shares. “My father was the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust (he left before the war as his mother recognized the growing anti-Semitism in Europe). He always stressed the importance of giving as long as one had something...





  • Victory Day Also Represents Great Sadness for Soviet Jews

    May 9 marks the most important holiday for people from the former Soviet Union - Victory Day over Nazi Germany. Every family from the former Soviet Union knows about the war, and not just from other people’s books and stories. World War II intimately affected everyone in the Soviet Union, whose collective casualties during the war exceeded 25 million.

  • Happy 100th Birthday, Gladys!

    Gladys Lipkin, of Woodbridge, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with four generations of her family. A resident of Coachman Square, she also received a certificate from the community for her five years of perfect attendance at Shabbat services.

  • Cluppin Spielers to Perform at CBSRZ Concert, Picnic

    Music & More Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek’s annual outdoor free concert and picnic will be held rain or shine, Sunday, June 24, at 5 p.m. at CBSRZ, 55 E. Kings Hwy., Chester. Bring blankets and chairs. This year, the new CBSRZ house band, The Cluppin Spielers, will perform. Grilled summer foods will be available for purchase with proceeds to local charities. For more information, call (860) 526-8920.

  • Trachten to Receive Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award

    The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is pleased to announce that Stacey Trachten is the newest recipient of the prestigious Kipnis- Wilson/Friedland Award which will be presented at the International Lion of Judah Conference (ILOJC), January 13-15, 2019, in Florida.

  • Emissaries Offer a Huge Toda

    We met so many new and incredible people. It was the best year of our lives so far. The only thing we have to do is to say a huge “toda”- thank you! Toda to the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven for being our home, for supporting us and caring about Israel.

  • Temple Beth David Celebrates 50th

    Temple Beth David, located at 3 Main Street in Cheshire, is thrilled to announce their 50th anniversary year when they will honor the past and celebrate the future. All are welcome to participate.