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If you are a young family in the Greater New Haven area you can receive a free Jewish children's book every month, compliments of PJ Library. PJ Library serves any family raising Jewish children from birth through 8.5 years of age, including affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith or non-traditional families.


There is no cost to you! It’s a gift from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, a group of generous local donors, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.


In our community, PJ Library is about more than just the books. Throughout the year we gather for story times and special programs where you can come to meet new friends.


If you are new to the Greater New Haven area or just finding out about PJ Library, don't delay in getting in on the fun.


Just sign up online or contact us at pjlibrary@jewishnewhaven.org.


Those PJ Library books will arrive in your mailbox very soon!

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    Family Outreach Coordinator
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Upcoming PJ Library Events 

  • Register in advance. PJ Library at Home Celebrates Tu B'Shevat!

    Tu B’Shevat is considered the New Year of the Trees and marks the start of spring in Israel when trees begin to bloom after a long...



PJ Library Celebrates Tu B'Shevat

Tu B’Shevat, beginning at sunset on January 27, is considered the New Year of the Trees and marks the start of spring in Israel when trees begin to bloom after a long, cold winter. Tu B’Shevat is often referred to as Jewish Arbor Day, but with today’s keen environmental awareness, it has also become something of a Jewish Earth Day.

Celebrating Purim

Purim, beginning at sunset on February 25, is an early springtime holiday of fun, frivolity, and generosity. Purim is a holiday that feels like it's made for families. Traditions include dressing up, sharing gift baskets or mishloach manot with friends, making noise by shaking groggers, and staying up late with your friends and community. However you intend to celebrate Purim, PJ Library wishes you a festive time. 


Purim Resources



Story Time with Kayla




Written by Kyra Teis
Illustrated by Kyra Teis
Ages: 6 Months to 2 Years
Publisher: PJ Publishing


Babies have so many blessings - so many things to say Todah (thank you) for! And so do their parents. All you need to do is stop and notice.

Harvest Blessings

Written by Amy  Meltzer
Illustrated by Amy Schimler-Safford
Ages: 2 to 3 Years, 5 to 6 Years, 8+ Years
Publisher: PJ Publishing


Story time withe Kayla today explores the blessings we say before eating a fruit or vegetable. What is your favorite fruit or veggie?

Welcome to

“Have I Got a Story For You!”

Every episode of Have I Got a Story For You takes a classic Jewish folk tale and gives it a modern twist. You can explore episodes here and if you find one you really like, be sure to click on the episode page to find activities, book lists, and keep the fun going.

We're So into Caribu, and Now We're on It Too! 
Created by a PJ Library parent, Caribu is a genius app that integrates children’s books and activities right into a video call, making it the easiest way for faraway friends and relatives to play with and read to your kids. We agreed with Time magazine when they named it one of the best inventions of 2019, but we’re even more excited to announce that select PJ Library books are now available on the app! Sign up for your free Caribu subscription and search for PJ Library to get started.

Quality Screen Time 

PJ Library Radio

This streaming radio service was launched to share inspirational Jewish music with tens of thousands of PJ Library families and their friends throughout the world. 



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