5 2022

BEKI Conversation with artist Bruce Oren

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel (BEKI) 85 Harrison Street
New Haven, CT 06515-1724
203-389-2108 office@beki.org

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Conversation with artist Bruce Oren, a painter, photographer, draughtsman and designer, at his exhibition in the BEKI galleries.

Oren is a direct carver of stone. He begins carving without preconception, maquette or plan, letting the stone initially dictate its form. After the stone is roughly carved, “the rock reveals its images hidden inside,” he explains. “It’s nothing cosmic. It’s like seeing shapes in clouds — a variety of natural gestalt closure.” Some of his work plays on one’s mind seeing figurative images in random or abstract shapes. 

Judaism informs his art, “Just as it informs nearly everything I do to some degree,” he explains. “We are, after all, just ridiculous collections of our combined experience.”

Entitled “Entropy Warriors,” this exhibition of sculpture, photography and paintings will be on display until February 26.

Snowdate for this event is the following Saturday, February 12.

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