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Resolution on Jewish Religious Diversity In Israel

November 13, 2017

Whereas, The Jewish Federations of North America view, with the highest priority, the preservation of the unity of the Jewish people; and

Whereas, the central…

The Art of Perseverance

Former Chicago Cubs baseball player Adam Greenberg, who grew up in Guilford, spoke on Oct. 1 at the JCC Fitness Center about the art of perseverance.

Greenberg’s life was changed when, in his major league debut, he was struck in the head by a pitch and suffered a compound skull fracture.

Palestinian unity deal could allow Hamas leader to become PA president

By Daniel Siryoti/Israel Hayom,

The Gaza-controlling Hamas terror group’s recent decision to sign a unity deal with the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) ruling Fatah party may have been motivated by more than just a desire to reconcile after years of bitter rivalry.

A cunning …

Jewish Coalition for Literacy

More than 100 people attended the Jewish Coalition for Literacy’s Orientation Program on Sept. 26 at the Woodbridge Club. The program offers volunteers a unique, custom-built opportunity to help the community and transform the life of a child. For more information, contact Brenda Brenner a…

Kever Avot

On Sept. 24, the community gathered at the New Haven Holocaust Memorial to remember those lost in the Shoah at Kever Avot, a moving ceremony held annually during the Days of Awe. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Holocaust Memorial. In the last issue’s Kever Avot story, Fay Shep…