Hebrew School Opportunities Offered Throughout Greater New Haven

by Talya Hyman Shalom New Haven Intern 

Education remains a fundamental principle within Jewish tradition. The transmission of Jewish values, practices, and culture throughout generations ensures the continuity of our people, and beginning at a young age, instills in children an unparalleled sense of Jewish identity. 

As the importance and core role of Jewish education is recognized, many parents opt to enroll their children at Hebrew School, a religious curriculum offered once or twice a week within synagogues. These Hebrew School programs teach children the intrinsic values of Judaism such as text study, Shabbat and the holidays, Hebrew language literacy, the importance of Torah, tzedakah (charity), and chesed (kindness). 

With knowledge comes power. When our children are exposed to the beauty of Judaism through learning about our traditions, they become the keyholders of their own religious experience. That power, with its diversity and unity, enables them to pass the eternal messages of our faith on to others. 

The following list is a guide to the Hebrew/Religious School offerings in communities throughout Greater New Haven for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please contact the synagogues listed for more information, and to determine the program best suited to your child’s religious and spiritual needs.